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The Small Bodies Image Browser is designed to graphically search through the large number of images quickly. This project was derived from a similar tool created for the Dawn Team to host the 30,000 Framing Camera and Visible and Infrared Spectrometer images. The Image Browser will display a map and options to search for images. It takes about 2 minutes to download the database to your computer depending on your internet connection. Once done, data seaches are very fast. Currently the Small Bodies Image Browser accesses only Dawn Vesta data. Additional missions and objects will be added as development continues

Key Features

Data Holdings

We will endeavor to make PDS delivered data available as soon as possible once the review process has certified the data. You can find out what data is available by looking at the startup screen for the image browser


You can get more info about how to use this tool and how it is setup in the About Page.

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  • NASA
  • The Planetary Data System
  • Small Bodies Node
  • Small Bodies Node: Asteroids
  • USGS Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers


    Please send comments, bugs and suggestions to epalmer at psi dot edu.
    Date: 29 Nov 2012

  • Dawn Mission to Vesta

    Available data

    • Framing Camera
      • Level 1A and 1B (excluding approach and departure)
    • Visible and InfraRed Mapping Spectrometer
      • Level 1B for HAMO through HAMO2

    Dawn Mission to Ceres

    Note - Ceres is still in testing. Some data has been loaded but requires checking and verification.

    NEAR Shoemaker Mission to 433 Eros